A regenerating week in Wales

When I attended Ffald-y-Brenin my friend Grace was healed of back pain from a spinal stenosis condition. Her dog Ruby T drank from the spring pond and was healed of her skin condition and later of her intestinal infection. We went to the Standing Cross and as we prayed Grace saw many angels ringing around us along the ridge all around us. As we prayed she saw an Angel come with a basket and stand at our side collecting our prayers and then the Angel ascended into heaven with our prayers and went out of sight.

So I believe and can testify that this is an open portal for prayer, worship and supplications of all kinds by the Saints. This is because the Daily Ritual of Prayer is faithfully kept by the people who are the Care Takers of this wonderful retreat. I received a blessing and I have brought many others to the Standing Cross who have received miraculous healing.

I have been visiting Ffald-y-Brenin since 2014 and I believe if you have a heart for pilgrimage to retreat to be alone with The LORD it is a as good and better than most. You have the added benefit of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path walks and the Pressilly Hills for solitude in nature, His healing manifests in sun and fresh air and the soul is healed by beholding the beauty of His Creation.

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