Heaven Sent Innovations In Warfare Worship Music

May 20th, 18:15 London GMT   Psalm 108:13 “Through and by Him we shall do valiantly, for He it is Who shall tread down our adversaries!”  HalleluYah!  Worship arising and many new houses of prayer coming into being. Network lines of prayer reaching across the world with new Anointed songs of deliverance being sent as giftsContinue reading “Heaven Sent Innovations In Warfare Worship Music”

Jesus Lord of The Rainbows

https://electricspiceselkie.bandcamp.com/track/jesus-lord-of-the-rainbow Jesus, Lord of The Rainbow Jesus Lord of The Rainbow Shine through me today. Hear my heart of longing  to play my part in Your New Beginning… And cleanse me with fire  and purify me with rain… then I’ll see your face… and hear your voice again. Then you will lead me and IContinue reading “Jesus Lord of The Rainbows”