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Healing Ruach Words

WATCHWORD: The LORDS Reckoning of Judgment of the Kingdoms and Nations

Therefore, if we pray and humble ourselves before The LORD asking Him for His guidance and assistance (by the power of His Holy Spirit indwelling the people of His Bride,) then He will turn our leaders and Kings or Queens back to righteousness to establish the just laws of heaven concerning the unborn and assisted suicide. He will make a way when the righteous cry out and thirst for righteous laws in their Nations and Kingdoms. For these have set up an altar to false gods who require these evil blood sacrifices and the blood of these victims of these immoral laws cries out for justice. The Monarchy must defend once again the Christian faith and all that upholds the tenants of the Christian faith. Namely, the commandment of God “Thou shalt not murder.” The hebrew word is “murder” not “kill” in the text.


The is a Prophetic Word concerning the Latter Day Rains and how The LORD intends for these Latter Day Rains to be so much greater than the former day rains, so much so that there will be no ebb meaning no end of the signs, wonders and miracles occurring.   about This song is basedContinue reading “THE “THERE SHALL BE NO EBB PROPHECY” SONG”

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