JESUS STANDS AT THE DOOR! God Will Ransom Your Soul ~ Return Now & Repent

There is great urgency in The Realms of Heaven being poured out to His Bride who possess The Builder Anointing for The Tabernacle of The Spirit of God. There is a great shaking coming and Jesus weeps because His Bride is not attending to His Words. They are not bringing to the table what He has dispensed as the blueprints for opening the Ancient Wells of His Presence where He will begin the work of redeeming the land from mankind’s curses of their works apart from Him.

He is trying to awaken the sleepy and complacent people who He has set apart for His Glory to build.

I call you now to account. Bring back the blueprints to the table of His War Room and get fresh guidance.

Stop saying He is not enough! Stop making this mental agreement and assent with the forces of darkness who are trying to distract, dishearten and abort your missions of Rebuilding The Ancient Cities by establishing His Shalom in building the A Tabernacle for His Glory to go forth!

This what The Sovereign Lord has spoken in Zechariah 1:14-17 and says again today for these words contain a message for all time and His Truth and Desire to save His people and bring judgment on the wicked.  

“So the angel who spoke with мe said to me, ‘Proclaim, saying,
‘Thus says The Lord of hosts: “I am zealous for Jerusalem
And for Zion with great zeal.
I am exceedingly angry with the nations at ease;
For I was a little angry,
And they helped____but with evil intent.”

“Therefore, thus says the Lord:
I am returning to Jerusalem with mercy;
My house shall be built in it, says the Lord of hosts,
And a surveyor’s line shall be stretched out over Jerusalem.”

“Again proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts:
“The Lord will again comfort Zion,
And will again choose Jerusalem.”

You may ask doesn’t The Lord mean the cities of Israel? If that is so, why have so many leaders been prophesied over throughout the lands of the nations with the words spoken to them “You have A Builder Anointing” to establish a Kingdom Tabernacle for The LORD.”

Look again at Zechariah 1:8 where we see that The Lord has sent  “A Man riding on a red horse, and it stood among the myrtle trees in the hollow; and behind him were horses: red, sorrel and white.” They stood among the myrtle trees (signifying blessing instead of curse of the thorn bush and thistle).  In Verse 9 Zechariah asks the Angel who he refers to as My lord, “What are these?”(four horses).

“So the angel who talked with me said to me, “I will show you what they are.”
“And the man who stood there among the myrtle trees answered (the Angel)
“These are the Ones whom The LORD has sent to walk to and fro throughout the earth.”
“So they answered the Angel of The LORD, who stood among the myrtle trees, and said, “We have walked to and fro throughout the earth, and behold, all the earth is resting quietly.”

Those who are Anointed with this Builder Anointing are called to raise a tabernacle for  a Worship Central to bring about the redemption of the peoples in each land who will be a remnant who are sent  to establish peace (The Shalom of The Presence Of The LORD through the sacrifice of Worship In Spirit and In Truth.

The Lord proclaims He will again be merciful to Zion, to all who call for His Temple to be rebuilt for the purpose of Worship in the lands. See Zechariah 1:14, 16,17.

He will even gather from the four corners of the earth His Holy Ones Anointed to lead this Worship when the temple is rebuilt. He is also sending  The Four Craftsmen to protect His People and bring them into position for the building of The Tabernacles of Worship where they will be have no hindrance  for Offering The Daily Sacrifices of Worship In The Beauty of Holiness. “ The Four Craftsmen are sent to terrify the Four Horns that scattered His Anointed Ones and to cast out the horns of the nations that lifted up their horn against the land of Judah (the Dispersed Anointed Ones) to scatter it (them.) See Verse 1:21

These are The Servants, The Branch, who come to save as referred to in Zechariah 3:8,9.

The Lord will empower them by His Holy Spirit to rebuild His Temple. See Zechariah 4:6.

“I will send out the curse, says the LORD of hosts;
It shall enter the house of the thief
And the house of the one who swears falsely by My Name.
It shall remain in the midst of his house, And consume it, with its timber and stones.”

Therefore, let everyone do as Hosea directed, seeking earnestly to enter in to The very Throne Room of Our Lord Yeshua HaMashiach and to know yes, to seek and ….

“Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth.” (Hosea 6:3)


I am from Ohio, U.S.A. I currently live in Wales, U.K. since 2008. I am a Street Pastor (Healing On The Streets UK) A Christian Worship Dance Leader, Worship Singer and Song Writer, Christian Author, Intercessor and Prophetic Artist with a prophetic and apostolic anointing for Healing Ministry through spoken word and Heaven Sent Music. I am a a Trained Worship Facilitator with Tom Inglis School of Worship, London, England. "Worship A Lifestyle Course Certification. I am a trained Facilitator of Local Houses of Prayer Network of The Ffald-y-Brenin Christian Retreat Centre, Near Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales. See I am a trained Healing on the Streets Minister with Healing On The Streets UK, Training with Tom Skelton H.O.T.S. UK Please Check out my services on my website or for Christian Conferences and Worship Leader Services in Dance, Prophetic Art and Teaching for Healing Room in the UK and Local House of Prayer Intercessory Gatherings. Go to Facebook South Wales Healing Room UK. For more view my Anointed Prophetic Healing Artist and website for Lay Speaker, Healing Service and Prophetic Art & Banner Workshops or for and other Conference Services please search

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