Another Holy Mystery clarified to me by The Holy Spirit about Jesus’ Blood and Creation, is that Mary was overshadowed by Him (The Holy Spirit of The Father) who spoke the life of His Son into her to create Jesus as Perfect in His Divine Will. All that The Heavenly Father created was by His Spoken Word. Therefore, Jesus was the word made flesh safely harbored in Mary’s Womb. 

Mary like any other Mother was intimately acquainted with her infant son during the time he grew and was clothed in flesh. She was the first fruit of many who would be given the indwelling of The Holy Spirit when they believed upon Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of Yahweh. She believed this to be true because she was told by The Angel Gabriel that she would become pregnant by the power of the overshadowing of The Holy Spirit to bring forth God’s Only Begotten Son. 

Therefore, she was the first human to experience the indwelling of The Holy Spirit of The Father Elohim who never left His Son Jesus Christ until he took mankind’s sins upon Himself when He was crucified on the cross. God The Father left Jesus only when His Son took upon Himself all the sins of the world. Jesus Christ then said at that moment, “Abba! Abba! Why have you forsaken me?” 

Later Jesus The Christ admonished Mary Magdalene not to touch him when she met Him near the tomb in the garden where she discovered Him. This was because He still had not ascended into heaven with the weight of all mankind’s sins upon Him. If she had touched Jesus then, there would have been transference of the sins of the world upon her. 

Remember also that after descending into hell, where He confessed  and prayed to His Abba Psalm 16, He was raised by The Power of The Father on the third day. (For Witness of this Ruach Hakodesh Word refer to Kevin Zadai’s testimony.)  Jesus The Risen Lord then carried His Precious Blood which was bleeding from Him up to heaven to sprinkle on The Mercy Seat where all the sins of mankind ever committed are carved/written upon it. The Spiritual Law was activated, “When The One and Only Begotten Son of God (Yahweh)  who was innocent and held no sin or blemish laid down His Life and shed His own blood for His Brothers & Sisters who were tainted with sin, then the fullness of the plan of His Sacrifice to redeem all of mankind was accomplished. 

This was not only a sacrifice made by and of Jesus Himself in obedience to His Father, but also a sacrifice by Our Heavenly Father of His only Begotten Son to redeem His Creations (All of Mankind)  from everlasting death. This was plan was agreed upon and put into action when Satan was cast down into the earth along with all the angels who he led in rebellion.  

One more thing revealed to me by The Holy Spirit: Abba Elohim will never ever again be apart from His Son Jesus. He is the shade at His Right Hand Side not needing to carry a shield. His Promise to Jesus since the agony He suffered of His Father taking away the Presence of His Holy Spirit from Him on the cross was almost more than He could bear. 

Jesus was able to bear this one last burden for our sake, so that we would never have to suffer Our Father taking His Holy Spirit from us when we repented of our sins and called upon The Almighty Name of Jesus.. He held out for the Joy of seeing us appear in His Courts when we came to believe upon Him. Let us now complete this Most Holy Commission to help Him to finish His Ministry of Reconciling All Our Brothers and Sisters to Our Heavenly Father. 

Many wonder what about whether Jesus will come before all have heard the truth and the testimony of The Truth, being that Jesus is The Only Living Begotten Son of Elohim and The only way and door to everlasting Life. Read II Timothy 3:16. This states that we all have a moral compass
within us and we all have the presence of our spirit to turn away or turn toward His Presence and accept His Lordship. Therefore, judgement will be completely justified on that soon coming day of Jesus The Christ’s Return.

Come Now My Brotherman for Jesus’ Sake! 
A Prophetic Message to The Bride of Christ …Come, Now Is The Time!
Song Performed by Electric Spice Selkie Project – COME NOW MY BROTHER-MAN RE-MIX
He posted bail for you when you stumbled and fell. 
You weren’t even singed by the fires of hell. 
He ransomed you from that dark cave 
and saved you from an early grave…. 
So don’t forget your promise to him that day. 
Come Now My Brotherman for Jesus’ Sake… 
Walk with me as to a different drummer. 
Come make that distant journey to heaven, 


I am from Ohio, U.S.A. I currently live in Wales, U.K. since 2008. I am a Street Pastor (Healing On The Streets UK) A Christian Worship Dance Leader, Worship Singer and Song Writer, Christian Author, Intercessor and Prophetic Artist with a prophetic and apostolic anointing for Healing Ministry through spoken word and Heaven Sent Music. I am a a Trained Worship Facilitator with Tom Inglis School of Worship, London, England. "Worship A Lifestyle Course Certification. I am a trained Facilitator of Local Houses of Prayer Network of The Ffald-y-Brenin Christian Retreat Centre, Near Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales. See I am a trained Healing on the Streets Minister with Healing On The Streets UK, Training with Tom Skelton H.O.T.S. UK Please Check out my services on my website or for Christian Conferences and Worship Leader Services in Dance, Prophetic Art and Teaching for Healing Room in the UK and Local House of Prayer Intercessory Gatherings. Go to Facebook South Wales Healing Room UK. For more view my Anointed Prophetic Healing Artist and website for Lay Speaker, Healing Service and Prophetic Art & Banner Workshops or for and other Conference Services please search

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