Sons of Righteousness Revealed


Waiting On The Lord

A Time for Restorations Is Coming  

The time of My Jubilee is near for all who abide in Me

Great will be your rejoicing as you win the bounty.

I will cause all to be as I have ordered in My Company

Faithful Haseed Love is all I ask of you In My Symphony.

You must come and play your part with a whole heart.

Come and lift your voice to speak forth My New Start.

All is for nothing if you turn and hear the Adversary.

Do not fear His Words of Dark Deeds Contrary.

Hear now and run to your posting. 

Refusing to heed devils boasting.

He is soon in for a real roasting

As I make a show of the toasting.

The Evil Princes deeds of this earth

Will soon be hearing defeat as a dearth

Of Cries of Woe for I Am their dread foe.

I choose and pick the battles you sow.

I am watching over My Words to perform it.

You only need to go forth and sow it. 

Be ready for the new songs of deliverance

I will send them in times of sustenance.

Is not My Word is like a hammer and a fire.

I will burn the wicked like chaff in My Wrath. 

Take hold of truth and walk in the New Way.

I will uphold you who Hear and Do as I say.

Walk as if you are already Marchioness 

Walk as if you are A Mighty Lioness!

Walk and then run with Holy Fervor

Then will you see My Divine Favor.”

Word of Knowledge Ruach Hakodesh “The Father’s Song”~ Released to Mary Kathryn Dullforce 13th April, 2020



Sons of Righteousness Revealed 

Chapter 1

The New Beginning prophesied concerning the nations has already been planted by The LORD.  The seeds have been sown and He will water them with His Outpouring of Latter Day Fiery Refining, Rains of His Spirit and The Ruach HaKodesh of His Word.  The way forward is only through the Door of Recognition.  Coming they will be recognised and accounted as His Own.

This renewal and the rebuilding of His Kingdom on earth will come in a hidden way at first and then all things that are hidden shall be revealed. Yet He has revealed His Word to Isaiah concerning this redemptive process of His Chosen People in Chapters 48-49 particularly which is the beginning. 

The new beginning on the earth of a Kingdom Culture will start with those seeking the Anointing for Holiness. The LORD will not appoint anyone who can not be ruled willingly by Him. He will not suffer unholiness in the camp.

Therefore, those who are faithful with what they are given, He will give much more to rule even whole regions and cities. We must remember that Holy Zion is birthed from above with His People attending His Courts and receiving their Divine Appointments and mandates to carry out their commissions on earth. This is a mandate that requires them to walk in a Mantle of Kingdom Authority. 

Just as The LORD established a form of righteousness in His Servants Elijah and Elisha so He will do so for His modern day Prophets. They will speak with His Authority because they walk in His Mantle of Authority. Therefore, your next step in determining your place is to ascend to The true position of your attendance in heaven as an ambassador to earth. 

The Lord is sending His Workmen and Artisans to rebuild His Tabernacle of Worship.  “Then The Lord showed me four smits or workmen (one ofr each enemy horn, to beat it (the enemy horns of power) down.”  Then Zechariah asked, “What are these horns coming to do?  And he said, These are the horns or powers that scattered Judah so that no man lifted up his head.  But these smiths or workmen have come to terrorize them and cause them to be panic-stricken, to cast out the horns of powers  of the nations who lifted up their horn against the land of Judah to scatter it.” ~ Zechariah 1:20-21. 

“And many nations shall join themselves to the Lord on that day and shall be My People.  And I will dwell in the midst of you, and you shall know  that the Lord of Hosts has sent me (His Messenger) to you.”  See also (Isaiah 2:3: Micah 4:2.) 

“And the Lord shall inherit Judah at His portion in the holy land and shall again choose Jerusalem.”  “Be still, all flesh, before the LORD, for He is aroused and raised and from his holy habitation.” (Habakkuk 2:20; Zephaniah 1:7.)

Therefore, who is Zerubbabel who has laid the foundations of this house?  It is these dispersed ones, His hidden ones in Christ. The great mystery of the diaspora is revealed. These Chosen People were purposely scattered among the nations to bring others into the Kingdom of God to be tested and tried in the fires of refining for holiness. So even though they appear gentile they have in part a bloodline reaching back to His Chosen People of Israel. How can I say this is true? Does not The Lord reveal all to those who ask for wisdom, He will give it.  See He said, “Thus says the Lord God; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph —which is in the hand of Ephraim — the tribes of Israel his associates, and will join with it the stick of Judah  and make them one stick, and they shall be one in My hand.”

“When the sticks on which you write shall be in your hand before their eyes.  Then say to them, Thus says the LORD God, Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the nations to which they have gone, and will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land.”

As we see this same witness in by Isaiah in Chapter 11 “And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch (Jesus Christ of Nazareth a Nazarene (meaning Separated or Branch)  shall grow out of his roots:” and therefore, the Kingdom of God is located in many places at first but then it will grow up out of the stem of Jesse and this branch is an off-shoot from the Jewish line, the ingrafting of the gentiles into the Bride of Christ has Jewish ancestry.  As you may know many of the North American Indians test positive for Jewish Bloodlines in their DNA markers.  There is a case to be made for their migration from the middle east for this reason to North America. At one time there existed land bridges to the continents which were not all separated. 

Consider also that the United Kingdom is composed of the remnants of three continents and that many people from Israel have found refuge in the United Kingdom and remained to mingle with the anglo-saxon bloodlines. Another clue is in Ezekiel 34:13 where The Lord says, “As a shepherd seek out his sheep in the day that he is among his flock that are scattered, so will I seek out My sheep;  and I will rescue them out of all places where they have been scattered in the day of clouds and thick darkness.  And I will bring them out from the peoples and gather them from the countries and will bring them to their own land, and I will feed them upon the mountains of Israel, by the water-courses, and in all the inhabited places of the country.”  

“And it shall be in that day that the Root of Jesse (The Father of David) shall stand as a signal for the peoples;  of Him shall the nations inquire and seek knowledge, and His dwelling shall be glory (His rest glorious)!  And in that day The Lord shall again lift up His hand a second time to recover the remnant of His people which is left, from Assyria, from Lower Egypt, from Pathros, from Ethiopia, from Elam (in Persia), from Babylonia, from Upper Syria, and from the countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea.” ~ Isaiah 11:10-16 See also (Jeremiah 23:58.)

Then we see Judah is mentioned again, “And the chiefs of Judah shall say in their hearts, The inhabitants of Jerusalem are our strength in the Lord of Hosts, their God.  In that day will I make the chiefs of Judah like a big, blazing pot among sticks of wood and like a  flaming torch among the sheaves (of grain), and they shall devour all the peoples round about, on the right hand and on the left, and they of Jerusalem shall yet again dwell and sit securely in their own place, in Jerusalem. And the Lord shall save and give victory to the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem may not be magnified and exalted above Judah.”

“In that day will the Lord guard and defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and he who is feeble and stumbles among them in that day of persecution shall become strong and noble like David, and the house of David (shall maintain its supremacy) like God, like the Angel of the Lord Who is before them.”  ~Isaiah 12: 6-14 

As you keep reading you see that this will be a supernatural repatriation to Israel of a Set Apart Chose People who will preach The Kingdom Gospel to the people of Israel in such a way they will come to mourn the true Messiah who their ancestors crucified. 

And again Judah is mentioned as a weapon in The Lord’s hand when He speaks through Zechariah,  As for you also, because of and  for the sake of the (covenant of the Lord with His people , which was sealed with sprinkled covenant blood, I have released and sent forth your imprisoned people out of the waterless pit.” 

“Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope; even today do I declare that I will restore double your former prosperity to you.” “For I have bent Judah for Myself as My bow, filled the bow with Ephraim as My arrow, and will stir up your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece, and will make you Israel as the sword of a mighty man.” 

“And the Lord shall be seen over them and His arrow shall go forth as the lightning, and the Lord God will blow the trumpet and will go forth in the windstorms of the south.  The Lord of Hosts shall defend and protect them; and they shall devour and they shall read on their fallen enemies as on sling stones that have missed their aim, and they shall drink of victory and be noisy and turbulent as from wine and become full like bowls used to catch the sacrificial blood, like the corners of the altar.

And the Lord their God will save them on that day as the flock of His people, for they shall be as the precious jewels of a crown, lifted high over and shining glittering upon His land.  For how great is his beauty!  And how great [He will make Israel’s beauty!  Grain shall make the young men thrive and fresh wine the maidens.” ~ Zechariah 9:11-17





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