Prophetic Words of Knowledge: Holy Ghost Visitation Coming to United States of America & The United Kingdom!

“East Coast & West Coast, 

I don’t know what I love most…

The Holy Ghost is making toast…

Soon we will see His Spirit Move

And He will make this Nation Prove. 

All I know is I love to see Jesus 

Take matters into His own Hands

He has made this land, and all lands

Will see He holds all in His Hands.

He’s a mover and a shaker!

He’s The LORD Our Maker!

And He is coming in fast

And like a Blast from the past!

He will soon come like a hurricane

To take back the lease from the curse of Cain.  

So take hold of His Name to defeat shame!

And redeem from those who blame.

Sing Jesus loud and clear!

For The whole world to hear!

He is coming! He is at the doors!

Then sorrow and sighing will be no more.

Say My Name, Claim My Power!

Who are you calling upon?

When you say Jesus …He Comes!

Like a Supernova…Lighting up the city!

Lighting up the portals of the skies!

To call us out to step up! Time to Go forth!

Time for a quickening Spirits shining!

Time for a Holy Reckoning…

Time for a move East to West Coast

Show who truly loves the Most!

It’s time for a beckoning! 

Time for a Seconding! 

Marshalls of the Host 

Rally to the voice of The LORD

Time for you to leave  the resting place to become 

A seed of His Grace on earth as you are in heaven

So you will become… for He is sending you all 

For the least, the lost, the broken who will fall.

He’s coming for the Little (Known) Ones…

He’s sending out His Hunters & Fishermen 

He is sending His Servants into the hills and coasts

Even the hedgerows, the byways and backroads.

He will stop the suffering of those perjuring. 

Pouring out the rains of His Glory!

Let Jesus rain down and reign inside  you!

Go through the city gates! 

Prepare the way for Jesus!

Lift up a banner for the people!

Gather and call them in Now!

For the time is forestalled…

Until the great harvest is stalled.

A last powerful puff of His Breath

For the Final Pow Wow of Peoples!

To meet In the Valleys of Decision!

Raise up a Banner for His Division!

Fill them with the Word of Life.

Like a Sword of His Spirit sends until

Like a fiery arrow from His Holy Hill

The embers are caught alight of His 

People put to flight to regather and

Garner the harvest of His Own Ones.

Yeah! He is flying in for the gleanings

In the fields of His final reapings…

Let all hear what He is speaking to 

The Losers and the Weepers!

“All is not lost, for My Sheep will hear

And steer clear of the False Shepherds.”

If they will only heed the sound of His

Trumpet blast from His Holy Hill.

Time to defend His Bride until

All will hear “I will not leave you!”

“Do not fear!” “I have made the path clear!”

“BE Readied and Walk Steadied by My hand.”

“Hand in hand with Me. Refuse to be condemned.”

“Refuse to walk alone. Be with Me as your Beloved

One heart, one mind, one Bride, One Beloved.”

Rhema Word from Ruach Hokadesh “The Breath of Yah” released to Mary Kathryn Dullforce ~  March 7th, 2020


I am from Ohio, U.S.A. I currently live in Wales, U.K. since 2008. I am a Street Pastor (Healing On The Streets UK) A Christian Worship Dance Leader, Worship Singer and Song Writer, Christian Author, Intercessor and Prophetic Artist with a prophetic and apostolic anointing for Healing Ministry through spoken word and Heaven Sent Music. I am a a Trained Worship Facilitator with Tom Inglis School of Worship, London, England. "Worship A Lifestyle Course Certification. I am a trained Facilitator of Local Houses of Prayer Network of The Ffald-y-Brenin Christian Retreat Centre, Near Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales. See I am a trained Healing on the Streets Minister with Healing On The Streets UK, Training with Tom Skelton H.O.T.S. UK Please Check out my services on my website or for Christian Conferences and Worship Leader Services in Dance, Prophetic Art and Teaching for Healing Room in the UK and Local House of Prayer Intercessory Gatherings. Go to Facebook South Wales Healing Room UK. For more view my Anointed Prophetic Healing Artist and website for Lay Speaker, Healing Service and Prophetic Art & Banner Workshops or for and other Conference Services please search

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