The Lords’ Miners of The Diamonds In The Rough

I looked and I saw as I stood I saw that there were Hiddend Living Stones that appeared like diamonds in the earth sprinkled in the lands of many nations. Then I saw Singers on the mountain tops and in the valleys who are dedicated Saints who have been given anointed songs for deliverance and restoration.  They sang on top of the mountains and in the valleys . Their voices kindled a light in these stones and they became brighter and brighter.  

Then the Miners of The Lord were sent who had been given eyes to see into the hearts of the people and discovered these hidden gems. They gathered them with the singers and brought them together to build a tabernacle of worship and to fit them together in his House of Living Stones on earth.   He gave them a deposit of Himself which was of greater Love and Faith and Fire of Anointing for Holiness. He then set over them angels and Watchmen Shepherds to guard the tabernacles of worship.

I saw The LORD hover over these tabernacles and He sent His angels to enter the sanctuaries as they began to worship. Those people who could perceive them could also see The LORD hovering over the building and began announcing to the people His Presence. The angels were present to bring conviction of sin and as the people worshipped the spirit of sorrowful repentance came upon them and they began to weep. Angels stood over the platform and nearby and some of them were singing with the worship team. 

Then I saw one of these Shining Diamond Saints walk on to the platform and say, “Jesus is here and is present to heal. Come!”  And then Jesus appeared next to the man. I watched as many who were able to approach came to the platform and came to kneel before the platform. Those who could come forward if they were physically able.

Then I watched as a tall strong man came in the back door of the church and approached a man and put his hand on this young man’s shoulder. This young man tried to rise but he could not do so because of the pressure of this large man’s hand pressing him down to the floor. Then as people started praying the strong man was arrested by the angels and he was taken away and shown to be a prince of evil who was almost half demon, but still a man who had sold his soul to Satan and was assigned against certain people to hinder them from salvation. 

The Lord called the man’s name and he came forward weeping and The Lord came and met him and embraced him and said, “Welcome back!”

Vision & Ruach Healing Words of Power ~ 20:20 U.K. on May 26th, 2020

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