Worship Will Arise with Dancing In The Streets!

“A Time for Restorations Is Coming!”

The time of My Joy is near for all who abide in Me

Great will be your rejoicing as you win the bounty.

I will cause all to be as I have ordered in My Company

Faithful “Haseed Love” is all I ask of you in My Symphony.

You must come and play your part with a whole heart.

Come and lift your voice to speak forth My New Start.

All is for nothing if you turn to hear the Adversary.

Do not heed of His Words of Dark Deeds Contrary.

Hear now and run to your posting.

Refusing to heed your foes boasting.

He is soon in for a real roasting,

As I make a show of their toasting.

The Evil Princes deeds of this earth,

will soon be hearing defeat as a dearth

Of Cries of Woe for I Am their dread foe.

I choose and pick the battles you sow.

I am watching over My Words to perform them.

You only need to go forth and sow them.

Be ready for the new songs of deliverance!

I will send them in times of sustenance.

Is not My Word is like a hammer and a fire.

I will burn the wicked like chaff in My Wrath.

Take hold of truth and walk in the New Way.

I will uphold you who Hear and Do as I say.

Walk as if you are already Marchioness

Walk as if you are A Mighty Lioness!

Walk and then run with Holy Fervor

Then will you see My Divine Favor.”

Word of Knowledge

~ Revealed to Mary Kathryn Dullforce 13th April, 2020

“Watch and by faith I will hasten this new bringing forth. Be attentive to My Voice. I have not disowned you because of your distractions. You needed rest. I kept you while you went for comfort in your old ways. But I will heal you and even some of your ways I do not condemn. I love to laugh too! I created comedy. Why do you think so many followed Me out to the wilderness?

I made their persecutors the Pharisees to be revealed to their hearts as the true enemy of their souls. They laughed and their souls wept for believing in the deception of man made religious practices. Come and behold I will make all things new in and around you. So come, laugh with those whom I created to bring you laughter. Enjoy your life, your wife and your children. Enjoy and make merry in My Presence.

For soon you will see My Glory will be poured out on all fresh and then you truly shall have joy, the joy that no power can take away. And soon as you rise up in this joy of My Appearing in you as a light to the world you will do as David did and dance. There will be dancing in the streets like never before! I will make it a day of celebration wherever you go because your Gracious Redeemer is with you. ”

“And David spake to the chief of the Levites to appoint their brethren to be the singers with instruments of music, psalteries and harps and cymbals, sounding, by lifting up the voice with joy.”

~I Chronicles 15:13“The Joy of The Lord is your strength.”


I am from Ohio, U.S.A. I currently live in Wales, U.K. since 2008. I am a Street Pastor (Healing On The Streets UK) A Christian Worship Dance Leader, Worship Singer and Song Writer, Christian Author, Intercessor and Prophetic Artist with a prophetic and apostolic anointing for Healing Ministry through spoken word and Heaven Sent Music. I am a a Trained Worship Facilitator with Tom Inglis School of Worship, London, England. "Worship A Lifestyle Course Certification. I am a trained Facilitator of Local Houses of Prayer Network of The Ffald-y-Brenin Christian Retreat Centre, Near Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales. See www.ffald-y-brenin.org. I am a trained Healing on the Streets Minister with Healing On The Streets UK, Training with Tom Skelton H.O.T.S. UK Please Check out my services on my website www.selahmarrayahmusic.com or for Christian Conferences and Worship Leader Services in Dance, Prophetic Art and Teaching for Healing Room in the UK and Local House of Prayer Intercessory Gatherings. Go to Facebook South Wales Healing Room UK. For more view my Anointed Prophetic Healing Artist and website for Lay Speaker, Healing Service and Prophetic Art & Banner Workshops or for and other Conference Services please search www.anointedpropheticartist.com/

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