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WATCHWORD: The LORDS Reckoning of Judgment of the Kingdoms and Nations

Therefore, if we pray and humble ourselves before The LORD asking Him for His guidance and assistance (by the power of His Holy Spirit indwelling the people of His Bride,) then He will turn our leaders and Kings or Queens back to righteousness to establish the just laws of heaven concerning the unborn and assisted suicide. He will make a way when the righteous cry out and thirst for righteous laws in their Nations and Kingdoms. For these have set up an altar to false gods who require these evil blood sacrifices and the blood of these victims of these immoral laws cries out for justice. The Monarchy must defend once again the Christian faith and all that upholds the tenants of the Christian faith. Namely, the commandment of God “Thou shalt not murder.” The hebrew word is “murder” not “kill” in the text.


The is a Prophetic Word concerning the Latter Day Rains and how The LORD intends for these Latter Day Rains to be so much greater than the former day rains, so much so that there will be no ebb meaning no end of the signs, wonders and miracles occurring.   about This song is basedContinue reading “THE “THERE SHALL BE NO EBB PROPHECY” SONG”

Daily Devotional: Decree The Victory

If you have heard My Word of hope, use it as a bulwark for your faith to shore you up in times of weakness. Hold fast to the truth I have revealed to you and do not let your faith be shaken. I will help you continue to stand and see My Deliverance. You are walking a fine line, but it is one I have also drawn in the sand against your enemies. If they step over it to harm you they will soon know that I am contending with them in ways they never expected and that they will and cannot escape My Judgments. I will bring all your enemies scheming to nothing at all. You will find that your way will be made straight. At times, I will lead you in unexpected detours to bring about My perfect designation for promotion and refining in My Way.


  I will lift up a standard for you as you persevere to bear fruit for My Kingdom.  Winning souls is hard work, but if you are at My Side, I will overcome your thoughts. If you will come and take My Thoughts, I will uphold you in your times of trouble and give you grace.  

When you try to work out your path without My Guidance you will not see Me.  If you wait upon My Words, you will be able to see and hear Me and view where I am leading you.  Take time and rest and pray for reconsecration after every battle and you will retain the ground the enemy has tried to gain.  I am with you until the very end. I will never leave or forsake you.  Forsake not Me or My Way.  Then you will be able to follow Me for you will then see where I am leading you forth to your appointed resting place.”


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