The LORD revealed to me that He is causing many of His Bride to hear and sing and accompany with new instruments His New Songs that will bring healing, deliverance and restoration to His Bride. He is a jealous Bridegroom. Perfect in His Ways and famous for bringing Justice and Restoration.

Globalization: Satan’s Final Ploy

What is the Biblical Response to Persecution? As in days gone by and as spoken by The Lord Most High through His Prophets who exhorted the Peoples of their Nation to humble themselves and to call a convocation to gather to pray and offer up petitions with prayers and supplications in repentance to The Judge of All The Earth in Heaven’s Supreme Court of Justice. Then to actively seek to hear The LORD concerning how to make intercession on behalf of their nations as did Moses and the former day Prophets in the Bible.
As did they in former times those Godly Presidents, Premiers, Prime Ministers and Kings and Queens who were advised by the Seers and Prophets and Priests of The God Most High who sought The LORD for mercy on behalf of the Peoples who had fallen away into idolatry. The LORD is Calling YOU if you are reading this exhortation to “Come up higher and hear and to meet with Him in the 11th Hour!”
The LORD wishes mankind to cooperate with Him in creating interventions to enable corporate repentance to enforce the Overturning of the Verdicts of His Heavenly Supreme Court against these Your Governments and The Peoples in all their realms of endeavor and Ecclesia. Then under the wise counsel of The LORD to request and petition for His mercy. The Lord would hear a Righteous Company plead the case for their nation with heartfelt supplications of prayers for mercy with fasting and sorrowful repentance leading to conviction of their sins for falling away into apostasy. These are the prayers that move The LORD’s heart because they are based on obedient and loyal service to see and hear and perform His will in the earth for revival to break forth.

Holy anointing fires coming into our worship, and the joy of the Redeemed

THE NATION OF WALES IS THE FULCRUM OF MY INITIATIVE FOR THE OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRITS’ LATTER DAY RAINS Thus sayeth The LORD OF HOSTS: “Many will be the number who publish the Signs, Wonders & Miracles I will perform during Appointed Worship at designated and strategic chapels in Wales where My Old WellsContinue reading “Holy anointing fires coming into our worship, and the joy of the Redeemed”

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