Zerubbable “Seed of Babel” Restoring The Temple

The Lord is raising up His Sons and Daughters as archetypes who like Zerubbabel was of the descendance of the Royal Davidic Line. Zerubbable was given the signet ring of the King’s authority to begin the work of rebuilding the temple. He was a the son of King Jehoiahchin also known as Jeconiah or ConiahContinue reading “Zerubbable “Seed of Babel” Restoring The Temple”

The Trumpet Has Sounded

This is Word of Knowledge and Revelation. For many they have not heard because the have fallen asleep or been made deaf to the sound by the warfare of The Adversary. The trumpet was blown at the Exodus of Israel. The trumpet was blown at Passover. The trumpet was blown at during Pentecost. Now TheContinue reading “The Trumpet Has Sounded”