Pentecost Vision &Call To Prayer for The U.S.A. and The U.K.

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Alert For The Watchmen

We must petition The LORD Most High in The Supreme Court of Heaven for the people of Israel and the Gentiles who know Jesus as The Christ and Son of God to be sent as His Witnesses to raise up those who are the Evangelists, Shepherds, Worship Leaders and Anointed Singers and Minstrels amongst them who are the remnant of the 144,000 prophesied. They will be sent then as His Witnesses to begin to draw those lost souls in darkness to David’s Tabernacle Tent of Gathering for a consecration of the people to rededicate their lives to The LORD and to be reconciled through the door of Jesus Christ to The Father of Truth, Jehovah Elohim.

Watchwords for Intercessors, Prophets and Watchmen of Great Britain: Intercession of Divine Interventions

That need is certainly there in Britain also. I have already informed you of the prophecy of David Noakes given earlier this year, warning, in a way similar to that of Jonathan Kahn, though even more urgently, that if this country does not turn back to God this year, before Autumn, then God’s hand of judgment, which has been partly held back, will be held back no longer, and terrible things will happen this Autumn and Winter. It is now Autumn, so the need is even more urgent than it was, but I see no sign of urgency in the churches of this land.

Watchmen Arise! See The Tribes Contending for The Sheep Nations of The United Kingdom

As you know, there is a contention for the operations of the plans of the Adversary to go forth into the hearts of the peoples against the Plan of Redemption of The LORD. The hijacking of the votes for the leadership of nations is not necessary when the candidates are already surrendered to his altar(s)Continue reading “Watchmen Arise! See The Tribes Contending for The Sheep Nations of The United Kingdom”

Devotional: Healing Ruach Words of Wisdom from Our King Jesus

My Way or No Way I know the way seems impossible, but is anything impossible with The LORD?  Take heart, there is no detour that is not of My purpose.  Do not fear if you presume it is of no account, it is always accounted to you as righteousness when you walk as I instruct. Continue reading “Devotional: Healing Ruach Words of Wisdom from Our King Jesus”

Signs of Biblical Prophecy Coming to Pass for The Set Time of Israel…Unless The LORD Intervenes

Two articles in the Philadelphia Trumpet have revealed that America is now under a severe judgment if their leaders proceed to collude against Israel with her adversaries. I encourage you to read these and pray for America to come back under the strong leadership of a Man who has his ears tuned to what ElohimContinue reading “Signs of Biblical Prophecy Coming to Pass for The Set Time of Israel…Unless The LORD Intervenes”

WATCHWORD: The LORDS Reckoning of Judgment of the Kingdoms and Nations

Therefore, if we pray and humble ourselves before The LORD asking Him for His guidance and assistance (by the power of His Holy Spirit indwelling the people of His Bride,) then He will turn our leaders and Kings or Queens back to righteousness to establish the just laws of heaven concerning the unborn and assisted suicide. He will make a way when the righteous cry out and thirst for righteous laws in their Nations and Kingdoms. For these have set up an altar to false gods who require these evil blood sacrifices and the blood of these victims of these immoral laws cries out for justice. The Monarchy must defend once again the Christian faith and all that upholds the tenants of the Christian faith. Namely, the commandment of God “Thou shalt not murder.” The hebrew word is “murder” not “kill” in the text.


The is a Prophetic Word concerning the Latter Day Rains and how The LORD intends for these Latter Day Rains to be so much greater than the former day rains, so much so that there will be no ebb meaning no end of the signs, wonders and miracles occurring.   about This song is basedContinue reading “THE “THERE SHALL BE NO EBB PROPHECY” SONG”


VISION: The LORD reminded me that one of His Names is Jesus Lord of The Rainbow. I know this because He asked me to write a song with that same title.  “Jesus LORD of The Rainbow” a Song Of Petition and Prayer for Consecration” and that He is waiting for His Bride to call to Him to cry out for restoration and cleansing with His Fires of Holiness to become a “Vessel for Redemption of The Lost” and an “Ambassador of Reconciliation to His Heavenly Father.”


Many Priests and Shepherds have abandoned the Bride of Christ to seek after worldly acclaim and riches. This will be a greater judgment upon them. For they have not bound up the brokenhearted or ministered to the sick and the infirm as they were called and sent to do. This is His Wife you have mistreated who is called to be a votary at this time, but these so called ministers of God have shunned, oppressed and driven away His Bride in their efforts to usurp His Divine Positioning for His Bride. Therefore, hear The Word of The LORD: