Prophecy for Wales, U.K. The Son of Man…Jesus Christ The Lord Returning to Rule and Reign Over The Nations.

Jesus is showing that He is watching over His word to perform it. I looked and I saw… Fiery Combine wheels coming down from heaven to pour out the fiery judgement upon the wicked in the land. These were not made of just fire but the fire contained in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. These huge wheels started rolling to and fro like a combine harvester and a threshing tool across the dark powers of evil stored up in the heavenly realms and dominions and atmospheres over the nation of Wales then down into Cornwall then back up along the coast to England and continuing up to Scotland finally sweeping back down the opposite coast to return to Wales. 

I asked what does this mean? The Lord said this is happening now over all the nations. I am showing you Wales first because this is where My Cleansing Fires will begin to rid the atmospheres and powers of darkness from the environments of My People. I am moving upon Wales to bring about an apostolic anointed leadership.

They are being appointed and anointed to walk together with My Prophetic Voices to bring restoration back to this land of My Rule and Reign. Yes, and you will see it happen in the days to come. I am raising up Prophetic Shepherds to win back My People with the truth just as I sent My Son to bring them out from the synagogues of Satan, I am sending My Esthers and Elijahs to win them back to My Side as My Bride.

Then you will see a worldwide falling away from the apostate church. You will witness the little ones like David who I anointed King who will raise up the tabernacles of worship to me in spirit and in truth.  There will be restorations of My Worship Tabernacles  to bring My People back into My Shalom (wholeness).  Then you will see the worship will cleanse the cities and the countryside as My Name is lifted up as The Name above all Names. I will make the nations prove and call out this remnant amongst the gentiles. When My People in Israel witness this great outpouring they will look for My sign in the east. They will look for the rising of the Sons of Righteousness. I will send them from all nations to bear witness to them that I am their Messiah. Then they will look upon the one they have pierced and mourn. I will bring My People back to me. 

The Great Commission to win souls and make disciples from every nation will once again be the cornerstone of the church. I will set amongst them Shepherds who will seek out the least, the lost and the broken. I will raise up the old cities, and repair the breaches in the walls, I will cause them to return and take shelter under My Refuge on earth and in heaven. 

They will not thirst nor suffer famine for I will feed them like a flock on my high hills there will be grass for their flocks. I will uphold them wherever they are sent. I will plant them again in the land of their fathers and they will flourish like the date palm tree and will find no drought. 

Rhema Word of The Lord ~ Mary Kathryn Dullforce ~ June 11th, 2020, United Kingdom.

The “There Shall Be No Ebb Prophecy” Song Lyrics by Mary K. Dullforce

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