Jesus Lord of The Rainbows Jesus, Lord of The Rainbow Jesus Lord of The Rainbow Shine through me today. Hear my heart of longing  to play my part in Your New Beginning… And cleanse me with fire  and purify me with rain… then I’ll see your face… and hear your voice again. Then you will lead me and IContinue reading “Jesus Lord of The Rainbows”

Spirits Will Be Shining In Glorious Refining

Spirits will be shining, in glorious Refining! Time to turn aside from the old ways. Join My Campaign to Regain!  The devil will not win souls ,My due. For By My Spirit, My Saints I will imbue. Solace, Tranquility, Peace…All for a price So will I win My Beloved Bride  in a trice! I twinContinue reading “Spirits Will Be Shining In Glorious Refining”


Prophetic Words of Knowledge: Holy Ghost Visitation Coming to United States of America & The United Kingdom! “East Coast & West Coast,  I don’t know what I love most… The Holy Ghost is making toast… Soon we will see His Spirit Move And He will make this Nation Prove.  All I know is I love toContinue reading “WALES WIDE WORSHIP WILL ARISE!”

Master of The Revolution of Kingdom Culture

There will be a reckoning for My People who have remained faithful to me and have not bowed to the false prophecies. I will send a whirlwind of My Words to sweep away the words of the false prophets as mire in the streets. There will be a Holiness in My People which I willContinue reading “Master of The Revolution of Kingdom Culture”