See also new prophetic word and vision: THE NATION OF WALES IS THE FULCRUM OF MY INITIATIVE FOR THE OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRITS’ LATTER DAY RAINS Thus sayeth The LORD OF HOSTS: “Many will be the number who publish the Signs, Wonders & Miracles I will perform during Appointed Worship at designated andContinue reading “ANOINTING FIRES IN WALES”

Wales Intercessory Prayer Revival Gathering

1947, The Coming Great Revival, Smith Wigglesworth “During the next few decades there will be two distinct moves of the Holy Spirit across the Church in Great Britain. The first move will affect every church that is open to receive it and will be characterised by a restoration of the baptism and gifts of theContinue reading “Wales Intercessory Prayer Revival Gathering”

Prayers for Reclaimation of Your Home, Land, City, Territory for Angelic Aid

Prayers for Reclaimation of Territory & Angelic Aid  Join us tonight in at 21:15 London GMTto pray for your Nation and Region.  Link: Do you have a heart to intercede for the people of Wales? Please join me tonight at 21:15 on my channel MK Hammerfire on this youtube link to share prophetic prayerwith SeerContinue reading “Prayers for Reclaimation of Your Home, Land, City, Territory for Angelic Aid”